Take Care To Tread Lightly

Three interweaving stories. Three worlds in peril. One link:  AMERICA HILL.

Little Animal Rinigo Jacks is a young mouse who has to deal with unfolding Grand and Strange things.

Isoballerina Tatianna sells the correct time to Second Edwardian costumers where steam, springs and Clockworks rule. Her unlawful committal to an asylum prompts her greatest work: America Hill - the story of Rinigo and his friends. 

Clayton Church wants to go into space. Even by proxy. But a doomsday virus is being unleashed  even as he is created in space. What will he find when he returns? 

We al have dreams about where we might be going. The trick is to enjoy the ride.


Time has no copyright on heroes.

My debut SF novel with its mix of dramatic violent WW2 action, Greek myths and an era-spanning romance. 


Would you sacrifice your humanity to save lives?

A journalist accompanies a group of soldiers tasked with destroying a Nazi installation involved with the production of a biological V2 weapon. But those in the spying game also want their input. 


Is reality not exciting enough?

A SF triple mix of a future where virtual world gaming is policed by Levellers and a young women strives to win a deadly new game, or die, and the past where the wife of Edgar Allan Poe inspires him with her nightmares of worlds beyond her comprehension. 


In August 1944 there are some in MI6 who believe Hitler's downfall will trigger a Soviet post-war occupation of Eastern Europe. If the Normandy invasion can be stalled, Germany's conditional surrender might prevent it.

They codename their mission: White Arcadia.

The two men they send think they are saving Churchill.

But they are meant to die.

Majors James Lovelow and Rex McKinley of the Special Operations Executive are at war with the enemy, each other, and their own side. And they have less than nine hours to prevent a disaster.

The Changing Room

Have you ever considered the science behind making decisions that affect you in major ways? In love? In life?

This is one man's vision of when his life changed.

(This is a short story first published in 1999 and includes free bonus chapters of an e-novel by me.)

Gedanken :

The Art of Blanking Out The Love

Who knows what you might find at the outer limits of science ... love?

This is one couple's story of how their burgeoning attraction becomes intertwined with physics beyond their control.

(This is a short story first published in 1999 and includes free bonus chapters of an e-novel by me.)

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